Haunted By Han Seungjae

Well, first off, this is a spazz post. I just really had to get this off my chest.

I have liked Han Seungjae for a while now. The guy is just amazing! I have been drowning in his awesomeness ever since. This year though, it looks like other than being a model and tattoo artists, he has also been invading a lot of music videos, too.

Anyone here who was enchanted by Planet Shiver’s “Rainbow”? Seungjae’s shots were only a few but he totally got all of my attention. In addition to Crush’s amazing voice, of course

Then around July, J’Kyun released a single “Bad X”. I believe weeks before, i saw J’Kyun post photos of him with Seungjae, Type C and other rappers. But I was not ready to see them in his MV!


When Simon D announced his comeback, a lot of people were so excited (including me). The MV for his maxi-single “Won & Only” was anticipated because Tablo and his daughter Haru was announced to appear in it as a cameo. That got me excited. But what I wasn’t expecting was to see Han Seungjae in it, too! That teaser with him as the first shot was just marvelous.


Then just weeks after, Vasco pre-released a track from his upcoming album “MAD MAX”, titled “Whoa Ha!”. The MV to the song showed various rappers and people inside a car singing/rapping along. I saw a lot of faces including Zico, Deepflow, SNSD’s Hyoyeon, and of course, Seungjae. His shot wasn’t that long. But when you see the tattoos on his neck, you just know it’s him.


And just recently, Gary has released the MV to his song “JOA” which features vocals from Jay Park. I’m totally digging the song and Jay’s voice just perfectly blends with what the whole MV suggests. Sexy. The start of the MV caught all of my attention. There’s Vismajor everywhere! But what got me off my seat was when I saw the glorious Han Seungjae walk into the club, hitting the man character’s shoulder. Later on, Seungjae is seen flirting with the female character. Yup. He just did it. And I was taken aback. Good thing it was only a short scene.


Seungjae is such a beautiful person. I hope he gets more projects in the future. And I hope next week, another MV would be released with him in it! Haha!


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