A Take On BeWhy’s “In Trinity”

On September 19, Sexy Street crew rapper released a single titled “In Trinity”. The title may be a little awkward but the song is pretty nice. Let me tell you what I think.

BeWhy has always been so vocal about his faith, the reason why I feel he’s grown close with Microdot and Owen Ovadoz. As a Christian like myself, he has earned my respect.

It’s awkward (for me, I guess) to listen to a hiphop song that mentions Jesus, left alone, the whole trinity. What’s more awkward is the type of music used. It just may be me though. The first parts of tthe song was boring. If it wasn’t for the good videography, I would’ve stopped it the mpment I heard the fourth repitition of “B-E-W-H-Y-H-Y.” However, I did love his lines towards the end. “You’re a masterpiece.” And that changed my whole take on the song.

It’s true that anything done with faith is always so beautiful.

Posted by TKL Cessa. Take out with full credits. Thank you.


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