Jam With JSlow

It took him a long while to debut and do the music he likes. But JSlow is slowly making his name known and has already released a number of singles and albums. We just had a chance to know a little bit more about JSlow and his fun character.


QUESTION: Do you shower everyday? How many times?

JSLOW: One or two times a day.

QUESTION: What do you think has been your masterpiece ever since you started making music?

JSLOW: I don’t have a masterpiece yet, but I will try hard for it.
TKL: Will you be releasing new songs before the year ends?
JSLOW: I am working (on a) new single album for next month.

QUESTION: What was the craziest thing you’ve done while drunk?

JSLOW: I drunk a lot to be crazy, but I fell asleep at home. This the craziest thing I’ve done.

QUESTION: What’s something that took many failures before you finally got it right?

JSLOW: I started rapping from 2001, but my team was disbanded and many albums could not be published. My debut was in 2012, but it took a long time.

QUESTION: What’s your jam right now?

JSLOW: Hiphop, but recently I also like comfortable songs (that are) quite easy to hear.
TKL: Which artists do you listen to that are not hiphop?
JSLOW: The genre is quite flexible. If the music makes me feel good, I just enjoy it (R&B, Dance…etc). Even I hum to myself when I listen old songs or IU’s music.


JSlow is a very fun person and it was a pleasure to have the chance to talk to him. Continue to support him and wait until he drops his next single!


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