Rhythm Power’s Hangzoo Proves He Is The “Best Driver”

On the 25th of August, Hangzoo has already got us saying he’s the best driver around as his first EP “BEST DRIVER” has finally dropped. Hangzoo is in fact a member of the duo Rhythm Power housed under Amoeba Culture. The other half of this duo is Geegooin, now most popularly known as one of Team AOMG members in Show Me The Money 4. As it may seem that Hangzoo’s name is now being overshadowed by Geegooin, it’s nice to see how their circle is supporting him in this recent release. The producers who worked with him include Code Kunst, Philtre and Sway.D. And personally, I am loving those names!

Unlike most rappers whose music is based on pure hiphop beats, Hangzoo’s album gives a more refreshing tune. Seems like he created these songs while driving around Korea. Even the titles on the album are plays on things we see on the road and in sports he’s interested in.

1. 일방통행 (One-way)
2. 진입금지 (Do Not Enter)
3. Skit 승차거부 (Passenger Refusal)
4. 싸워 (Feat. 차붐) (Fight)
5. 에프킬라 (Feat. BewhY, Don Mills) (F.Killer)
6. Skit 해태 타이거즈 (HAITAI Tigers)
7. 유능제강 (Feat. Choiza, Ja Mezz) (Judo Spirit)
8. 거울 (Mirror)
9. BestDriver (Feat. Gaeko)


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