Artist: Wutan



No Role Model
My Name Is My Name
Do Do Do
One Hunit
20’s Line Story
Young Forever
Lucid Dreams
Ballad Rap
데려다줄께 (Unplugged Ver.)


I’ve been a fan of Vismajor since 2013. It started all when I saw Deepflow and Wutan on a show poster. I wanted to know who they were. However, Wutan became my instant favorite. He was so cool, for me. The fact that he also became a finalist in Show Me The Money 2 was just too much.

Zooreca is his first album and must I tell you how much I love it.

My favorite track is “Champagne”. Simple but still so catchy, I love it mainly because it gives me that feel-good vibe. Yes, I don’t know why I feel so, too. Anyone else likes the end part where all the other Vismajor members’ voices were heard? Loved it.

My second favorite is “Do Do Do”, which is the album’s title track featuring Don Mills. That first 5 seconds were enough for me to listen until the end. Personally, I have not learned to like Don Mills’ voice but with Wutan’s style and rap voice, it sounded pretty much fine for my ears. Now throw your V hands sign up!

My last favorite is “One Hunit” which features Vismajor’s leader, Deepflow. These are the kind of songs I like, the ones that can make me bob my head and make me jump while listening to it. But personally, there is no TK produced song that I cannot enjoy, just like this.



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