A Different Sound From Loco

Recently, I’ve been enjoying listening to trap music. My music player only recognizes a handful of songs now. CJamm’s “Just Music Remix”, Jay Park’s “Who The Fuck Is U”, J’Kyun’s “Bad X”, Vasco’s “Don” and of course, Keith Ape’s “It G Ma”. They’re all on repeat now.

I don’t find them all amazing but personally, I’ve found myself appreciating trap because of the music and sounds I hear. As for the rapping and style used for it, I fairly like it. May depend on who actually raps it. Jay Park, BFree and Vasco’s styles while using trap is good for me. As for the others, I only hear screeching and squeels. But hey, that’s trap.

Everyone’s trying their hand in trap and I’m kinda getting tired of it. Not that I don’t appreciate it. It’s just that with all of them releasing tracks like so, I’ve been looking for something different already. And that’s where Loco gets into the picture.

Loco from Bling Magazine
Loco from Bling Magazine

Loco has been releasing a lot of songs this year. His streak may have started from releasing his first album, “Locomotive”. After which, he went to release a music video for “High” which features Konsoul. This song happens to be my favorite from the album, too.

Then he releases a single within the airing of Show Me The Money 4 titled “Respect” featuring Gray and DJ Pumkin. Honestly, I didn’t listen to this the first day it was released. I thought it was just some song saying why you should respect the rapper. But I was just so curious when I read some comments on Loco’s Instagram saying the song was awesome. So I tried to listen. And yes. I was happy when I heard it. It was amazing.

Then after a month (I think), AOMG releases another song from Loco, “AWESOME” featuring Gray and Jay Park. And that’s where all the shit went down.

I watched the special clip MV version and I cried. The song was so beautiful! The title given to it was just right. Although it’s obviously a song about a guy confessing to a girl he likes, watching the special clip while listening to it made me think it’s also for their fans. And since I’ve been a fan of Loco since SMTM Season 1, the song felt really special to me.

But what really made me love this song was the fact that it was a very fun song. The music plus Loco’s raps and lyrics was a spark of happy colors everywhere. Gray’s voice made it lovely, if I can add. From all of the rap songs being released either using trap or talking about how they’re the “best in the game”, hearing “Awesome” was like a breath of fresh air, a new-found light.

And other than that, I also find Loco’s lyrics to be so inspiring.

“Respect yourself. Be proud of yourself. Express yourself. Just be yourself.”

“You look so awesome. I feel so awesome.”

If those lines don’t make you feel so happy, I don’t know what else will!

Loco’s songs have been a reason for me smile every day since I’ve heard them. I play the songs on my phone before I go to work and I feel like nothing can break me down. It’s been a real while since I heard something like these songs. I think the last one I listened to that always made me smile and inspired is Epik High’s “The New Beautiful”. From all of these dark, black music we’re hearing, songs like these are a relief.

What makes it so special for me, is the fact that Loco himself has had a fair share of insecurities. I remember an interview of his where he said he wanted to lose weight because he felt bad whenever he would look at photos of him beside Jay Park or Gray who were a lot slimmer than him. And that even though he was Show Me The Money’s first champion, he still felt like he wasn’t worth the title so he still practiced and worked hard in his rapping while working his way up from the bottom to be known because of his skills. Then his songs talk about respecting ones self and feeling awesome.

I think people like Loco are worth the respect. If he continues to release songs like these two, I think he’ll be the next Tablo, a rapper who just doesn’t rap but inspires through his words. And I can’t wait for that to happen.


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