Prague City Trappin

Since the day Gaka released his mixtape ‘Prague City Trappin”, I have been listening to it at every moment I can get. There’s not much I can say about the mixtape since it’s only a compilation of Gaka’s produced music. But, what I will say though, is that even without words, I already love the whole mixtape.

I am not a big fan of trap music. There are only a few of which I like. And somehow, Gaka has been my favorite trap music producer ever since I heard him do songs for Royalclass. There are just those times when you want to listen to something dark and bob your head along the sounds, and Gaka’s songs give me that vibe. While I’m excited to hear songs from rappers which were produced by him, he goes out and releases his mixtape. And he didn’t fail. The tracks seem similar and I guess, that goes with the fact that other than the music and titles, there are nothing else to differentiate them from each other. However, I have gained 3 favorite tracks already.

My first favorite happens to be “Jana”. Somehow, this just really set the right tone for the whole mixtape. My second is Filip Benes” which, for me, is much more upbeat than the rest of the tracks. And somehow, I believe the title is a play off my country’s name, Philippines. Lastly, is “Conservatory”. It gives me that horror movie kind of thrill while listening to it. And I won’t complain because that scary, eerie feeling is exactly what made me like Gaka’s songs.

I hope you listen to his mixtape. Just get the feel. Support and wait for more of Gaka’s music in the future!


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