Show Me The Money Hype

Show Me The Moneys is set to air on the 26th of June this year. But the fever is already unsettling especially that the auditions have already started.

May 10th marked the start of the SMTM hype as rappers from everywhere gathered at Incheon to audition for the primed event. Fans alike were already on their stalking mode checking out who else would’ve auditioned.

Judges confirmed for this season are Verbal Jint, San E, Jay Park, Jinusean, Tablo, Zico, Paloalto and Show Me The Money’s first champion, LOCO. As it may be sad that the original judges, Illionaire’s DoK2 and The Quiett, won’t be taking part in this season, this is still one judge line-up you cannot look down on. Some of the rappers that announced their participation include veterans PType, Basick, Innovator and Microdot. And there are idol rappers that gave out their interest in joining which invited the public’s eye and attention.

In this article, we’ll try to tell you a bit about some of the rappers joining the said event.

Some idol rappers that joined have already made a name in the hiphop scene prior to debuting as part of an idol group. One of the most famous would be WINNER’s Mino who has been active underground since 2009. He is popularly known as part of the crew Royalclass, as one of the original line-up members for mino3Block B and being friends with a handful of other rappers. He may not be as active as he was before joining YG, but he continues to be supported by rappers he’s known. But then again, the issue between mainstream KPOP fans and Korean Hiphop fans have once again surfaced. A lot of KHOP fans have been waiting for Mino to make a comeback in the underground scene and him joining Show Me The Money 4 was something I know a lot was excited for (I know I was). Some new and mainstream KPOP fans, particularly those who only know Mino because of WINNER, do not understand how pleasing this announcement was for most KHOP fans and think too much of the possible hate Mino could garner just like how SMTM 3 contestant B.I was treated. While we wait on the drama, you can check out some of his songs here:


Veteran P-Type was one of the earliest rappers who announced his spot on Show Me The Money 4. He’s been in the scene for more than 15 years and was confirmed to have been one of 2ne1’s rap teachers during their trainee days. He is also the head of the rap competition “Do The Right Rap” which a lot of rappers have joined in. He’s now active under Brand New Music. Personally, I think P-Type can own this show. As he’s also called “The Big Cat”, we can hope for some “devouring” to happen. He recently just released an album titled “Street Poetry” with “Don Quixote 2” as its lead song. Listen to it here:



Another rapper we all may have already heard of is Microdot. New fans would be obnoxious of his work but first generation Korean Hiphop fans know that e’s been in the business since 2003. Microdot started his music career in New Zealand when he was 9 years old with his brothers Sanchez (of Phantom) and Blasto. microdotThey were introduced to Dynamic Duo and soon signed a contract with their label and managed to debut back in 2003 through the duo ALL BLACK with Dok2 and might as well be the youngest hiphop groups by average. They disbanded in 2006 and he went back to New Zealand. He continued to make songs releasing them for free and did a number of collaborations with a number of artists. Now that he’s through with university life and is back in Korea, he’s joining Show Me The Money 4 probably to show that he’s still one of the best. And I don’t know about you, but he’s really one of the rappers I’m betting for in this season. You can check some of his work here:


If there is also one other rapper that everyone’s looking out for, it’s Speed’s former leader and member of Royalclass, Woo Taewoon. Taewoon may have debuted earlier than his younger brother, Zico (of Block B), but he is continuously shadowed by Zico’s name. This even resulted in Taewoon releasing a single titled taewoon“Zico’s Hyung” where he explains his relationship and the rivalry he has with his brother. He has repeatedly done ways to be known aside from being Zico’s brother. With him announcing that he’ll join Show Me The Money, fans have been watching out to see how he’s going to perform especially with the announcement that his dear brother is going to be a judge. Imagine the pressure Taewoon would be in if he gets into the show. How will Taewoon fair in the standards his own brother has? It’s either he’ll fail and continue to be only known as Zico’s older brother. Or he’ll win and people would think it was a conspiracy. However, rumors during the auditions circulated that Taewoon was eliminated already. Others say he got in. We don’t know for sure so, we’ll just have to keep an eye out for the first episode to air. But while you’re waiting, you may want to check out some of Taewoon’s own work here:


Other rappers you may know that joined the auditions include the ones below. We are not sure who among them are confirmed to have passed the auditions. But they’re still worth the wait when the show finally starts airing:



Who are you rooting for?


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