Song Of The Week: “1HUNNIT”


I’ve been a fan of Jay Park since he was in 2PM. When he left, I gave up my support for the group and continued to follow him. Somehow, with everything that happened to him, things turned out for the better for his career. Part of his career is the fact that he’s ventured out into the music he loves and met up with other artists that share his passion.
1HUNNIT may probably be one of those songs that he made within the period where he received a lot of hate and criticisms, which is part of his album “JOAH”. His lyrics are full of that angst, swag and confidence. One of your typical swag song. Nothing much about it makes it different from others. I’ve heard the phrase “I’m here to show these mothafucka’s Who the fuck I am” in a lot of other songs already. But if you compare this to Korean hiphop songs, it kinda makes itself stand out through the West Side beats you can hear. Reminds me of some Soulja Boy beat back them. Add up with the flow and style DoK2 has, it projects what kind of music both artists have grown up with.
You can play this while you walk through a mall or park and feel outright confident about yourself.
I may be wrong. Check the song out yourself here:

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