After 11 years of hiatus and hope, JINUSEAN came back with their new song “Tell Me One More Time” released yesterday, April 15, 2015. jinusean

Jinusean, debuting 1997, is one of YG’s most popular and strong acts since it was founded, composed of Kim Jinwoo (Jinu) and Roh Seunghwan (Sean). They are said to have started the trend of Korean Hiphop going into the mainstream level. This comeback of theirs is one that both older and younger KPOP fans have been waiting for, not to mention Korean Hiphop fans.

The music video gives off a very fun vibe combining both oldschool themes and modern/current ones. Do you even notice how many colors were used in this MV? A number of famous artists made a cameo in it that added a whole lot more color into it. They include iKon’s Bobby, Epik High, Yoo Jaesuk, HaHa, Shoo, Kim Hyungjun, Park Myungsoo and Seo Janghoon. Asides from hearing that mix of hiphop and disco sounds, you can’t deny that the vocals from YG trainee Jang Hanna are worth listening to also. And just within a day, “Tell Me One More Time” (which is said to be a sequel to the group’s hit in 1997 “Tell Me” featuring Uhm Junghwa) has been topping charts already.


Have you listened and watched the music video yet? Check it out here!


You may also want to literally blast into the past with Jinusean’s “Tell Me”, too. Listen to it here!


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