I’m Going To See EPIK HIGH!

On April 18, 2015, Epik High is going to have a concert here in my country, the PHILIPPINES!

And yes, you guess it right, I’M GOING.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

epik high
Okay. Sorry for the spazz moment.

This is probably the second Korean Hiphop show happening in my country (after Jay Park holding fanmeets in 2012). And I just can’t miss the chance to see them especially that we’re talking about Epik High here, the reason why I really got myself into KHOP.

I am so excited that I think my heart will explode. I don’t know how to describe everything that I’m feeling right now. When I saw Block B last year, I literally and truthfully cried while they sang “Be The Light”. For Epik High, which is a group I love more than how I adore Block B, I think I’ll pass out (I hope not XD). But you get me don’t you? This is a lot of firsts in my life. First time to go to a concert as intimate as they plan Epik High Manila to be. First time to see Epik High. First time to see my favorite Korean Hiphop group. Everything is just piling up! And also, this is actually the first KHOP show I’m going to attend to as The KHOP Loyalist. THIS IS CRAZY.!

There are also RUMORS going around that Epik High would be bringing Mino, Bobby nad B.I to the show. THESE ARE RUMORS! But imagine if it was true! Thank you! But personally, I wish Epik High would bring either, MYK, Kero One, Beenzino, DoK2 or Jay Park. XD

Hopefully, on the 18th, I would be able to post updates while the concert is happening. That is if I don’t break down and forget humanity. XD but seriously. I will try my best to take good pictures while it’s happening. I will be online on Twitter by then. I will also be updating the text clan I’m part of, too.  With all those plans, I hope I can actually do it. XD

I hope you guys would be with me in the concert! I know other than being so emotional, Epik High will be doing their best to make it a big party for the fans.

If you’re from the Philippines and is going to the concert, SEND ME A MESSAGE like ASAP! Let’s meet and have the time of our lives.!

See you guys.!


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