Welcome To Business

Artist: D-Unit
Date released:
Tracks: d-unit

1. Crush ft. Dok2
2. I’m Missin’ You
3. 늦잠(Late)
4. Turn The Lights On
5. Stereo
6. GoodBye TaTa
7. Luv Vision
8. 기념일 (Anniversary)
9. 주말이 오기전에 (Before the Weekend Comes) (ft. Red Roc)


My first favorite from this track is Crush. Anyone reminded of 2010 Usher and Ne-Yo sounds? All right. You can call me biased now. But whenever I hear a song with DoK2 as a collaboration, it just has to get into my favorites list. I love how it’s the first track giving the whole album a refreshing feel. The very light melody and beats gives it that youthful vibe that fits the girls’ voices and theme. There may not be any rapping from the girls, but DoK2 completed it. If this song had a music video, I would totally fall for it.


Another of my favorite is Turn The Lights On. This is again one of their songs where the girls don’t rap. And honestly, I always liked hearing Zin and Ujin do raps. But the thing I always loved about this song is the fact that they actually sing despite the heavy synths you hear. There can be a bit of auto-tuned parts but not much to really drown their voices.


Goodbye Tata may not be my favorites from this album but I just wanted to share why I particularly like it. The lyrics. It’s a farewell song to someone you loved. The music and beats aren’t that special. However, I like how you can sense that hint of regret and sadness in their voices while just listening to it. It’s kinda short for me. But it’s also not a waste of time to listen to it.


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