SOTW: “Lie Down To Sleep”



This is part of Jenissi’s first mixtape “Stop & Play”. I was first made interested in this song for the fact that i11evn was featured in it. I didn’t know they were friends but, of course, that was possible.

Generally, I love the music. Very slow-paced, soothing and it gives that lounge music vibe. Even their raps are slow. And let me just point out how much I appreciate Nakta’s voice in this song. I have never liked him or his voice. After listening to this, I then realized that the only reason I was not able to appreciate his voice was because he doesn’t get that much lines in Topp Dogg songs. In showing Nakta’s real talent, this song already earned two thumbs up from me.

The only thing awkward for me in it was Jenissi’s rap voice. I don’t know. It sounds awkward for me. But don’t get me wrong. I admire this guy so much. I guess it’s the fact that Jenissi’s voice appears to have a very constant volume and style for me. Actually, he reminds me of Gaeko’s rap voice.

While listening to this one day, I decided to look for its lyrics and translation. And I was surprised by what it really means: missing the person you love who you left to work on achieving your dreams. Somehow, it felt like whatever is written in the song is real (which is very much possible for all of them). But imagine what these guys felt while they were writing this song. Just like i11evn’s line, “it’s too late to turn back”.



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