phantom power

Artist: Phantom
Release Date: may 21, 2014

  1. Future Wife
  2. I Was
  3. Seoul Lonely (ft. Gain)
  4. Hang Up (Hanhae Solo) (ft. San E, C-Luv)
  5. New Era (ft. Navi)
  6. Under Age’s Song (Kiggen Solo) (ft. Hwi In of MAMAMMOO)
  7. Come As You Are (ft. Verbal Jint)
  8. You (Sanchez Solo)
  9. I Already Know
  10. Today (Inst)
  11. Phantom Power
  12. Dissonance

I have been a fan of Phantom since they released “Hole In Your Face”. I’ve heard of Hanhae because of being a former co-trainee and friends with Block B. Kiggen was, of course, much more known before as Hybrefine who happened to have produced a lot of Block B songs that I like. Sanchez has been my favorite ever since I’ve heard him in Verbal Jint’s “You’re Pretty Enough”. He has the best voice any man can ever have. Such amazing vocals.

This album has been long awaited and would be, as far as I would call it, a masterpiece. Aside from having the slow-paced “Seoul Lonely” to that party song “Future Wife”, their solo songs are also crowd getters.

When Phantom Power was released, my first favorite song would be “Already Know”. It was first released in 2013 for their anniversary. It became one of my most favorite songs in the world. I appreciate that they created this song for their fans. And the lyrics just really speaks of how much they thank them.  And since I’m a Phantomism, myself, this is really something I’ll play constantly without getting tired of it. I will always be thankful that they made a song for us. And if you don’t get why I am so moved by song, you may want to watch the music video. It’s a compilation of fan videos of Phantom during their shows. They asked fans to send them these videos. At first, fans only thought they wanted to watch themselves or see what people thought about them. But we were all surprised when this was released and the videos were there. It shows what kind of gratitude they have for their fans to even give them a part in the release. Honestly, whenever I listen to this song and remember what they did, what they’ve gone through to be able to debut and make music together, I get so emotional. It’s a mix of joy and gratitude.


The lead track “Seoul Lonely” which features Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain would be my next favorite song. Gain’s voice starting the song is just amazing, especially when Sanchez’ followed. The feel of the song and the mellow voices mixed well with the fall season and the loneliness of the story being told in the words. Even though Sanchez would always have the most lines in their mellow songs, you still can witness the even distribution of their parts.


My next favorite song is Kiggen’s solo “Under Age’s Song” which features Mamamoo’s Hwi In. Let me just say that I am perfectly happy with this song. When I heard that WA Entertainment would be debuting Mamamoo, I wished Phantom would do a collaboration with them. And this is the wish coming true. I love all their solo songs in the album but this is just amazing. Rather than hearing a love song, I’m hearing something inspirational. And it is! Just like its title, this song is made for all teenagers going through a hard time. We all have our dreams and goals, but being under-aged, there are some things we can’t do. We’re regulated. We’re looked down at. We’re locked inside norms and society. This song is telling us to never give up, to reach for our dreams, to do our best, to believe in ourselves. I’m impressed that Kiggen made a song like this. I’m not in the right authority to judge what has happened in his life. But knowing that he’s been through a lot, I take his advice from this song seriously. This is a both thumbs up.


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