Can I Talk My Shit Again Vol. 2

Artist: Bizniz
Release Date: Oct. 3, 2011

Blow Yo’ Mind (ft. I11evn)
Mojo’s Back (ft. J’Kyun)
문제아 (ft. New Champ)
Nike Boots (ft. Mino)
Sad Song (ft. NoS2ok)
Seoulvival (ft. Made Man, Cockybaby)
Turn On The Lighter (ft. Young Jay, Sanchez of Phantom)
A.M.E (Fans Are My Everything)
Outro (Guess Who)

One of the songs that hit me from this mixtape is “F.A.M.E”. Fans are my everything, as it means. It’s nice to hear a song like this, especially from an artist that does not have that big of following compared to mainstream artists. Just goes to show where he gets his inspiration to continue to release songs. This track just completed the whole mixtape with Bizniz’ line saying, “thank you for listening (to) my mixtape”.I wasn’t a big fan of Bizniz until he joined Brand New Music. So I started to listen to songs to try and appreciate him. And I did.

One of my favorite tracks is “Nike Boots” which features Mino (now member of idol group WINNER). I have been a fan of Mino even before WINNER or B.o.M, and I must admit, him being featured in this song was the initial reason I liked it. But somehow, Bizniz and Mino’s voices blended so well. This song is one of the many that would just make your head move along to it.

But my favorite track must be “Turn On The Lighter” featuring Young Jay and Sanchez. This is a cover of the song “Lighters” by Bad Meets Evil which features Bruno Mars. Aside from it being based from a famous song, I am pretty moved by the lyrics. Sanchez’ voice never fails to amaze me.


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