Album: Redingray
Artist: Gaeko (Member of Dynamic Duo)
Release Date:

CD 1
1. Rhythm is Life
2. Passout (feat. Bumkey)
3. Seoul Blues pt. 3 (feat. Choiza DJ Soulscape, Lee Joohan of winterplay)
4. East
5. Chaser the Rapper
6. Oh my god (feat. DJ Friz)
7. No Make Up (feat. Zion.T and HA:TFELT)
8. Interlude by Simo
9. Silver Sonata (feat. Crush)

CD 2
1. Snapper Ending
2. Mr. Vengeance pt. 2 (feat. Choiza, Yankee, Geegooin, Hangzoo)
3. Chaser the Rapper pt. 2
4. Hueng Hai (feat. Ailee)
5. Festival Virgin
6. Interlude by Simo
7. Rose
8. Shame
9. Snapper Ending Remix (feat. Dok2)

I have been following Dynamic Duo since 2010, around October. I’m not a big fan but I look up to their contribution to the Korean hiphop scene. I was excited with this album’s release. There weren’t much news about it online but I saw a lot on Instagram from Gaeko himself. Looking at the tracklist, it was good music already. It mostly contains slow-paced songs with raps ranging from slow to real fast ones. A number of the tracks even featured Gaeko’s vocals. He often does the vocal parts in some Dynamic Duo songs, but this time, he showed fans he can really sing.

One of the best tracks on it for me is the lead single, “No Make Up” featuring Zion.T and Ha:tfelt (who is Yenny of Wonder Girls). I have always loved Zion.T’s voice. So, when I heard this song, it immediately had my thumbs up. Somehow, Gaeko and Zion.T’s voice blended well with each other. Or it may just be that the music is mostly the same music Zion.T sings to.

My next top track in the album is “Huang Hei” featuring Ailee. It’s just amazing. There’s a mix of Gaeko’s mid-paced raps and his smooth vocals. He owned the song. And then there’s Ailee’s amazing voice both doing a rap and high notes. I wonder why they don’t try to do freestyle rap together?

But my favorite track must be “Rose”, which is my mother’s name, too. 😀 Maybe that’s the main reason I like it. But seriously, you just got to love this song. Here, you again can hear Gaeko’s smooth vocals. And the lyrics is just too much. It’s romantic. Imagine having a hundred red and white roses surrounding you while this guy of your dreams sings this for you. Just like what Gaeko said, “Baby, you’re so wonderful”.


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