Artist: Yano
Release Date: June 7, 2014

01. YF20 (PROD by GAKA)
02. 시체
03. To me
04. BEAST (Feat.Chancey The Glow) (PROD by GAKA)
05. HAPPY (Feat.Sangdo) (PROD by KIDOH)
07. SKIT
08. 썅년 (PROD by fisherman)
09. 누구게 (PROD by fisherman)

I have been following Yano ever since I learned about him in 2012 as a Stardom trainee. We knew him before as “Snoopy Swag”. Knowing he was in Stardom raised anticipation for his talents. When he finally debuted with Topp Dogg, he’s proven himself as a very good rapper. Not to mention him being faster than other rappers in the group. When he released this mixtape, he has proven he’s more than just the cute maknae rapper in Topp Dogg. As he said, he’s “young and fresh”.

My favorite track in the mixtape is “BEAST” which features Chancey The Glow of Royalclass, and is produced by Gaka. This really makes me wonder if Yano plans to join Royalclass. He is close with Chancey anyway.

My next favorite track could be “HAPPY” which features vocals from his fellow Topp Dogg member, Sangdo. Music is also as dark & creepy as Beast is, especially if we talk about the laughs and screams you can hear.

Another pretty cool track is “YF20”. This just mainly talks about himself. I like the hook, personally. Not very hard to sing along to also. And there’s this line I heard that really had my two thumbs up, “Respect underground”. People should really listen to Yano, don’t you think?


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