SOTW: Jucy And Jenissi With “Attraction” Cover


I’m a fan of Bumkey and I certainly loved Attraction. When I first saw about this cover, I only imagined and thought that Jucy will be creating a rap for it, something light and slow. But I was wrong. Jucy didn’t “rap”, she sang it! And that was really something I wasn’t prepared for. I listened to Jucy’s raps in EvoL songs, her mixtapes from predebut era and from her “Universe” mixtape. She’s got swag, you know. This was really different and I liked it. Anyone seeing themselves sitting on a couch in the lobby of a 5-star hotel with a band on stage with a singer soothing your ears? Yup. That’s what I imagined when I first listened to this.

Jenissi, on the other hand, is what I want to call the cherry on top. I’m a fan of Topp Dogg and I’ve heard of him since 2012 and he’s in my top ultimate bias list. He’s not a fast rapper like others. But his raps are still unique and cool. He has this distinct voice and sound (that sometimes I find really weird) that I believe does not fit with fast-paced raps. His songs from his “Stop & Play” mixtape are slow-paced themselves. And when I heard him in this cover, I am once again amazed. He just completely and perfectly synched with Jucy’s voice and feel throughout the song. It made the song sound so perfect. Is it just me or does Jenissi pass for a Gaeko voice-alike?

They certainly gave Bumkey’s “Attraction” a more relaxing feel. Listen to both the original song and they’re cover here.




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