Drunken Tiger Comes Back With Last Album “X : Rebirth of Tiger JK”

Drunken Tiger is a symbol of the Korean hip-hop scene, the legendary as most say. Yesterday, Drunken Tiger came back with his most awaited album “X: Rebirth of Tiger JK”. This year marks Drunken Tiger’s 20th year in the music scene, being the spearhead of hiphop in South Korea. Debuting back in 1998, the rapper has released 9 records, and this new album is his … Continue reading Drunken Tiger Comes Back With Last Album “X : Rebirth of Tiger JK”

Konsole Comes Back With Album “22”

Rapper and producer Konsole has finally come back with an album, more than a year after his EP “R E S E T”. The album is called “22” and was release today digitally. It is made up of 11 tracks featuring his unique vocal quality, style and flow. Konsole worked with producers Minit, Young Sick, Terry’s World, Chill Twelvee and more. The lead track is … Continue reading Konsole Comes Back With Album “22”

Blacknine Drops EP “Split Personality”

Blacknine has been gearing up for his much-awaited EP released on November 11, “Split Personality” and now it’s out. The EP is made up of 5 tracks, with the theme “character” in each. The track “Primus” was pre-released 2 weeks ago. Korean rock band No Brain’s member Sungwoo features in “Split”, while Ignito and Hunger Noma feature in “Bring The Bas Back”. TRACKLIST : 1. … Continue reading Blacknine Drops EP “Split Personality”

OLNL New EP “staff ONLY” Out Now

OLNL was one of the popular contestants in Show Me The Money 777. Although he didn’t win, that doesn’t stop this promising rapper from continuing his work. Today, he releasesd his newest EP “staff ONLY”. The EP is made up of 5 tracks and features Niko Blank, Charming Lips and Giriboi as producers. Kim Seungmin, Giriboi and Lym en also rendered as featured artists. TRACKLIST … Continue reading OLNL New EP “staff ONLY” Out Now

NO:EL Releases New EP “18’F/W”

Indigo Music’s NO:EL released his newest EP last Saturday, November 10th. The EP is made up of 6 tracks with productions from Big Pie, Minit, dnss and Suwoncityboy. Artists Jhnovr, Benzamin and Kim Seungmin are featured in three tracks. The EP is made available on all major music portals already. TRACKLIST : 1. S/O (ft. DJ SQ) (prod. by Big Pie) 2. Celebration (ft. Jhnovr) … Continue reading NO:EL Releases New EP “18’F/W”

Released November 4 – 10, 2018

So, you thought we forgot?! Nah. Here are some of the tracks you might have missed last week. Could you guess which one has been our foavorite so far? 24Flakko, 24Freaky & WoozieBoo’s “ZEZE” Viceversa’s “GUEST AND HEAUX” featuring Changstarr VHawk’s “Alice” featuring NIEL (of Teen Top) PUP’s “Shimmy Shimmy” featuring Wavy Bang Jaemin ?너란 자연 (Me In)” featuring Chancellor D-9ine’s “I Got Your Back” … Continue reading Released November 4 – 10, 2018

Canhaz Releases New EP “BRKNHEART”

On November 8th, rapper Canhaz dropped his newest single “BRKNHEART”. The EP contains six tracks with production from Xenovibe, Plug Galaxy, and our personal favorite, Konquest. Canhaz portrays feelings of loneliness and brokenheartedness in this EP. We suggest to listen to all of the tracks in their order to fully experience it. The lead track is “Unforgettable” that comes with a music video. TRACKLIST : … Continue reading Canhaz Releases New EP “BRKNHEART”

Dean Comes Back With New Single “Dayfly”

Dean has been preparing for his much awaited new album “130mood: RVNG” especially after his 2017 single “Instagram”. After a year, he releases a new single “하루사실 (dayfly)”. The single is said to be part of the RVNG album. It features Rad Museum and the former f(x) member Sulli. Dean said in an Instagram story that his desire to feature Sulli is because he felt … Continue reading Dean Comes Back With New Single “Dayfly”

K-INDIE : PONY Comes Back With New Album “The Pacific Ocean”

Korean indie band PONY is no rookie in the scene. They debuted back in 2008 with a single and straight away followed it with their first album. Their next release was 3 years after with “Little Another 3 years after, they released their second album “I Do Not Want To Open The Window To The Outside World”. Yesterday, after 3 years, they released their 3rd … Continue reading K-INDIE : PONY Comes Back With New Album “The Pacific Ocean”

Xin Seha Mesmerizes With New Single “왠지”

It’s no secret Xin Seha is one of our favorite artists in South Korea. Yesterday, the 80’s inspired musician and singer came back with a new single “왠지 (Time)”. Xin Seha produced the song solely and features a time-traveling music video directed by N_ouir. It not only showcases his unique sound, but also of his playful character both in musicality and visuals. The track is … Continue reading Xin Seha Mesmerizes With New Single “왠지”

Marilyn Monderland Drops Third L.H.E.A Album

Crew Marilyn Monderland released the third installation to their L.H.E.A series of albums, “Exquisite” on November 1st. The album is made up of 6 tracks all produced by the members. Yelloasis, Holynn and Junny have given their voices to all of the songs. The lead track is “Deserve” which can be listened to below. TRACKLIST : 1. 2018 (ft. Yelloasis)) 2. Control (ft. Junny, Holynn) … Continue reading Marilyn Monderland Drops Third L.H.E.A Album