Released June 18 – 24, 2017

Skull and Tiger JK’s “Here To Stay” D.O’s “Falling Down (홀러래려)” featuring Loco Bigone’s “Cream” featuring EK 짧은머리’s “Feedback” featuring DJ Tiz (prod by Pe2ny) LOCO’s “A.O.M.G” Sool J, Ultima and Yezi’s “Runaway (도망가)” Henry’s “I’m Good (끌리는 대로)” featuring nafla Chancellor’s “Long Distance” BLOO’s “Hennessy” MBA’s “우리가 얼마나 (Wuriga)” Continue reading Released June 18 – 24, 2017


Where all my Filipino KHOP fans at?! Seeing your favorite artists is no longer a dream (unless ya’ll want to go to Korea first and enjoy the scene first-hand)! The first ever Korean hiphop show will be coming to us on September 15, 2017 in Manila. The concept of the show is somewhat similar to hiphop festivals in South Korea such as Hiphopplaya. The line … Continue reading KOREAN STREET SOUND 2017

Jero, Seulong Drop Singles Featuring Beenzino

Beenzino may already be serving the army as we speak, but that doesn’t mean we should miss him. Especially not when two singers has just recently released si gles featuring this praised rapper. JERO  Jero is back and with the single “긴호등 (Traffic Light)”, bringing back that 80’s vibe. The song was released on 21st featuring Beenzino. SEULONG Seulong released a single on the 21st … Continue reading Jero, Seulong Drop Singles Featuring Beenzino

Jessi Comments on SMTM6 Auditions; Crush New EP Dropping Soon

Show Me The Money 6 is set to air its first episode on June 30, a special episode said to air on June 23rd as well. MNET is nice enough to help hyping the audience for it and released a new video today featuring Jessi reacting to some audition videos.  She was shown audition videos of female rappers Truedy, Shim Hyeji, A-TO, Asol and Heesun … Continue reading Jessi Comments on SMTM6 Auditions; Crush New EP Dropping Soon

Better Listen to Legitgoons’ New Beattape!

Everyone’s been giving Legitgoons a lot of attention lately. They’ve already had a concert, their own albums, their own website. And now, a beattape.  The instrumental playlist dropped on Soundcloud and features tracks from Code Kunst, iDeal, BLNK, Authentic and YOSI.  And while your listening, check out rheir cool website, too! (LEGITGOONS.COM) Continue reading Better Listen to Legitgoons’ New Beattape!

Hunger Noma Drops New EP “Another Film 2”

After much waiting, here we are with Hunger Noma with a new EP “Another Film 2”. The EP consists of 15 tracks, most of which the rapper produced himself. TRACKLIST: 원효처럼 Dang Clan (ft. Thrusdyy, J Fresh, Good Life) Diabolic Rap Flow Remix (ft. Thursdyy, Good Life, Deliman, J Fresh) Devil Pie 캐터피 (ft. Pch 8um, Deliman) Crusader Human Xenomorph Murder Incident (ft. Chester, 820, … Continue reading Hunger Noma Drops New EP “Another Film 2”

Jinbo Releases New Album “KRNB2”

Singer Jinbo is back with his much awaited album “KRNB2”.  The album is made up of four tracks that are remakes of original songs. The tirle track “말하자면” features Crush and Hoody, and is expected to have a music video released for it. Meanwhile, early this week, The CUT released a documentary video following Jinbo and his friends’ retreat in Jeju Island. He was seen … Continue reading Jinbo Releases New Album “KRNB2”