O’Young Drops First Official Single “Find Wally”

Rapper O’Young has started his career as a rapper just this year, releasing a mixtape through his Soundcloud. Today, he released his first official single “Find Wally” on all music portals. The song featuring Jay2kim and Mar, was released last month and came with a music video. We know that he has been in the studio lately and preapring more music. Are you excited to … Continue reading O’Young Drops First Official Single “Find Wally”

K-INDIE : Echae en Route Comes Back with New Album

Bass guitar player Kwon Ohkyung and Violinist Echae Kang first collaborated in 2015 for the album “Madeline” made up of 6 tracks. The two have then braced the music industry in soulful, jazz and classical music. Shortly after their activities as Echae en Route, the two have moved on to individual activities. Echae Kang continued as a solo artists and have succesfully released three albums … Continue reading K-INDIE : Echae en Route Comes Back with New Album

ASOL Drops Single “Bucket List” featuring OLNL

We’ve always felt as though Asol deserved better, and definitely more chances to show her skills. After her SMTM appearances, she’s release a couple singles. And today, she releases “Bucket List” which features OLNL. The single is produced by Youngva$$ and comes with a music video also released today. Check it out below! We’re hoping she’s gearing up for a mini album, too! Continue reading ASOL Drops Single “Bucket List” featuring OLNL

Released Sept. 9 – 15, 2018

If last week was a feast of new albums, this week has a lot of music videos you definitely need to listen to. ๐Ÿ™Œ Dindin’s “Insomnia” featuring Lee Hongki Lym En’s “Vaca” featuring OLNL Ram’s “Up In The Air” Sultan of the Disco’s “๋ฏธ๋„๋ฆ„ํ‹€” featuring Sumin Giriboy’s “์˜›๋‚ ๊ฒŒ” Muzie’s “My Lady” Tommy Strate’s “My type of” Fla4free’s “Zolla” featuring Basick Seizatheday’s “OCEAN VIEW” featuring Sleepy … Continue reading Released Sept. 9 – 15, 2018

Dakshood Releases EP “OFF ROOM”

Producer Dakshood has released a new EP called “OFF ROOM”, and this time around featuring an impressive lineup of artists. The EP was released today and is made up of 7 tracks, all produced by Dakshood. Some of the artists involved are Grandline’s Ja Mezz and Taylor and WE DA PLUGGED Records’ Jito Mo and Lil Cherry. It is now available on major music portals. … Continue reading Dakshood Releases EP “OFF ROOM”

Jooyoung comes Back With “N/A

RnB singer Jooyoung has come back with a new single “N/A” released today with two tracks in it. Jooyoung catches listeners’ ears with his dreamy charms showcased through both tracks. “N/A”, which means “no answer”, bears anger and emotions in difficulty finding answers. The second track “Inn” expresses distance from the world. [CREDIT] 1. Inn ์ž‘์‚ฌ : youknowjuno ์ž‘๊ณก : ์ฃผ์˜, Thurxday ํŽธ๊ณก : Thurxday, … Continue reading Jooyoung comes Back With “N/A

Colde Releases First Solo EP “Wave”

OFFONOFF’s Colde has played it well after leaving HIGHGRND and joining a fresh, new label WAVY. He further showcases his talents with his first solo EP “WAVE”. The EP is made up of 8 tracks with production from Colde himself, Stally, IOAH, Haventseenyou, hoiwave and APRO. Much to our delight, Colde collaborated with rapper Omega Sapien and singer Sunwoo Jungah. The album title seems to … Continue reading Colde Releases First Solo EP “Wave”

Leevisa Drops EP “Candle”

DJ Leevisa, most popularly known as one half of Freecollision with Frikimo, has released her first EP “Candle” today, showcasing her music production as well. The EP is made up of 4 tracks: Another Grave, Doorbell, Invalid Dance and Observe. She hS collaborated with Lobotome for the mixing, Jeremy Cox for the mastering and Dasom Han for the artwork. The EP is made available on … Continue reading Leevisa Drops EP “Candle”

K-INDIE : Life And Time Drops 2nd Album “Age”

Korean indie rock band Life And Time made up of Jinsil (guitar), Park Sunbin (bass) and Lim Sangwook (drums), has just come back with their 2nd full album “Age” released today. The theme of the new album is “Time” and the ten tracks share stories from different generations: child, boy, youth, middle age aand old age. The story all starts with “Picnic” depicting shildhood, with … Continue reading K-INDIE : Life And Time Drops 2nd Album “Age”

Samuel Seo Comes Back With New Album “UNITY”

Samuel Seo has decided to take the jazz route in his newest album, something we have somewhat expected as he has collaborated with Ashrock and other jazz musicians lately. The new EP “UNITY” was released on September 12th and contains 8 tracks. The album emphasizes harmony with other people, in this case, with various musicians and sounds. Samuel Seo decided to limit the use of … Continue reading Samuel Seo Comes Back With New Album “UNITY”

K-INDIE : Gyojung Releases First EP After 6 Years Since Debut

Korean indie band Gyojung (๊ต์ •) has been in the scene for 6 years, starting off as a band in highschool through members Shin Jaeeun (์‹ ์žฌ์€) and Lee Taewook (์ดํƒœ์šฑ). With Lee Gihak (์ด๊ธฐํ•™), they have actively been performing in gigs and signed with Asia Records. After numerous unreleased, uncompleted projects, on September 11th, they released their first ever EP “ํ•œ์‹ฌํ•œ ์ƒ๊ฐ” (Pathetic Thoughts). The EP … Continue reading K-INDIE : Gyojung Releases First EP After 6 Years Since Debut